Strona: Laboratory of Manufacturing Processing and Production Engineering / Department of Machine Technology and Production Engineering

Laboratory of Manufacturing Processing and Production Engineering

red. Ryszard Perłowski

The laboratory conducts research aimed at:

  • improvement and optimization of the subtractive processes in the selection of parameters, tools and equipment,
  • developing static and dynamic burnishing technology,
  • developing the technology of gluing machine elements,
  • determining the impact of manufacturing process parameters on the condition of the surface layer and usable properties,
  • analysis of technical and organizational factors influencing quality assurance, safety and ecology of production,
  • application and improvement of Lean Manufacturing tools,
  • improvement of assembly processes of machine elements,
  • improvement of production logistics,
  • value stream mapping in manufacturing processes
  • process automation and robotization,
  • design and improvement of systems for supervision and monitoring of machining processes


List of service and research work for the needs of the industrial environment that can be carried out in the laboratory:

  • selection of parameters, tools and equipment for machining and burnishing processes
  • testing the effect of processing parameters on the condition of the surface layer and performance properties
  • constitution of surface layers with increased resistance to tribological wear and fatigue, using the technology of subtractive processing and burnishing technology,
  • shaping lubricating micro-pockets that improve tribological properties, in particular on internal and external cylindrical surfaces, transition radii and on end faces,
  • performing specialized turning, milling, drilling and grinding operations in the conditions of unit production,
  • analysis of production systems aimed at identifying and eliminating losses and wastage of resources,
  • designing quality, environmental and safety management systems,
  • training in the use of CAD / CAM systems.


The main research equipment of the laboratory:

VF-2 five-axis CNC milling center

ST-20 five-axis CNC milling center

Four-axis CNC milling center ST-20Y

VF-3 three-axis CNC milling center

9 modern conventional machine tools (3 milling machines, 3 lathes, drill, cylindrical grinder, flat grinder) (1photo)

Tooling for shaping the lubricant pockets to improve tribological properties

Tooling and machining and control tools enabling the implementation and control of various machining operations

System for monitoring and supervision of machining processes

FANUC M-10iA industrial robot

Automated warehouse and transport system XGS

Devices for making welded joints

CT 125 EKM heat treatment furnace

Computer labs

Three computer labs (15 workstations each) supporting the work and training, equipped with machining simulators and CAD/CAM systems as well as production management support systems (including SAP ERP, Qguar WMS, Preactor, STER).